"When a loyal man gives his word, he keeps it." - arab proverb

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About us

The Group Loyal is a limited liability company founded in 2016 by Ayaz Bastemir. Based in Denges, the family investment company ensures the unity of direction of four companies active in the sectors of transport, rental and repair of vehicles, auto-school and restaurant in Romandy Switzerland.

Transport Loyal, a company founded in 1964, provides today the displacement of more than 400 school children, elderly persons or persons with reduced mobility. Garage-Carrosserie Loyal, located in Denges, offers a complete service in the matter of the sale, purchase or repair of vehicles. For more than forty years, EC2000 is a very well known auto-school in the regions Lausanne and Neuchâtel. Finally, Cipriano embodies the good wines and the Italian kitchen of high quality in a connected place located in the heart of Flon neighborhood, in Lausanne.